Black Mountain Coffee

A Local Coffee from Local Roasters

We are a small batch local coffee roaster based in Canberra. Because we are locals, we know our area and our people pretty well. We understand the particularities of the ACT coffee scene and have developed an outstanding coffee that suits our market. We roast our coffee in small batches, which allows us to focus a lot of attention to detail and care in everything we do.

A Local Coffee Developed Specifically for Canberra’s Boutique Coffee Scene

Roasted in Canberra, but sourced from all over the world, Black Mountain is a blend of green beans selected from the high plateaus of South America and volcanic soils of Central America, combined with specialty beans from the Horn of Africa and the East Indies. Lovingly hand roasted in Canberra to create a blend rich in fine aromas and flavours, Black Mountain truly reflects the subtleties allowed by small batch roasting.

Local People, Real People

One of the great things about choosing a local coffee roaster is dealing with local people; people who understand your market and the particularities of Canberra and ACT coffee scene. We like to get to know our customers and their businesses well and them to know us, develop a connection with our people and be part of a community around a passion for coffee.

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